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The Truth About Love Redux

by Broken Hearts Are Blue

Because I Am 05:30
The calligraphy of the amputee Is a sketch of you holding me July’s four thighs engaging eyes Vacancies of dynamite Lured you in I’ve got you whole So you can feel me half alone The other half’s an old has-been An anti-hero Errol Flynn Pretty things The serenity of passivity A horror like evil’s banality Pretty things An awkward square is on the floor To touch a nerve so honestly Pretty things ain’t me The serenity of passivity A horror like evil’s banality Moons cocoons and Claire de Lune Unrequited telling tune Lured you in there’s nothing to hold No hand to reach no want to hold The other boy is still in me An amputee’s calligraphy Pretty things When passion and kisses No more And oh no more is all that’s left To once again second guess The other boy is really me Pretty things
I’m your twenty first century denim cult hyperbole I’m hopelessly hopeless Don’t ever try to love me Ravage me over my sassy self Rant and rave over… When you’re famously fighting photos And everyone wants your autograph And the darling that you really want Decides on Vic Damone instead If you want to redefine yourself Come on in I’ll show you around I’ll show you off I’ll validate you I’ll certify you Oh terrible me Rant and rave over my ideology My sassy self
When everything is closed And your friends are with their mamas The bluest cola down and the girl with cat eye glasses Pink little sweaters and dear devil letters And you think you know it all Snow is coming down and down Something like a little tear From the boy named Vladimir Feeling oh so lonesome Knowing that she’ll never come The radio is playing strings What do you know it’s an adagio Last night’s tattoo was a picture of you Don’t go pushing me Because I’m an angel in the snow The bottles are empty There’s no more river left to go So drive me far away Keeping Pathetique in tune 56 dollars away from you He spelled your name wrong He scribbled some shit The blue light was lit Forever damned in writ
All my friends have been taken by the good good earth One by one they pass right through to the six-foot under blues milieu Oh Natasha your face is oh so Russian And you’re so unlucky you didn’t know how to swim All my friends have been taken by the good good earth One by one they pass right through revered in soil the blues milieu Oh Natasha your body is oh so covered in jokes They made you change your pretty name so you could be a damn star Natasha wouldn’t Natalie she would
I’ll be your star I’ll do anything in the backseat of your car We’ll touch each other’s parts With booze and then bury our broken hearts One blue past a buzz When nothing is dear I’ll be your glamorous monster
And Then 04:24
She said it’s good Good to want That want is good I want to want but she never said What it took to find love These eyes may never see the Morning Hold on so I can hear the calling She said it’s good Good to give Giving is good I want to give She never said want never lasts Need always needs And then she said beauty is So complicated
Blue Times 06:10
Blue times are here Blues times are places Blues times be gone Blue times are faces A valentine of navy hue Time bomb blessings from Me to you I need songs for lovers Nobody writes them anymore Blue times have been Blues times are coming Blue times be done No one be loving Not me not you We’re into something blue There’s a party somewhere Tonight Are we going? Why doesn’t anyone write songs For lovers? So let’s go to the party tonight Are we going to the party?
You have engaged me Then left me for details and Future instances That will leave you When you’re left behind And then the sun rose And leaving was all that could Be done and to all of us gone Gone is where we’re at There is a me which is so Endlessly familiar that I fear one Day that I’ll become it I have always been about saying Everything and yet saying nothing Life lived by the creed of contradiction And then the sun rose And leaving is all that should be done And to all of us gone, gone is where We’re going
Pax Indigo 02:36
I’ve got a crush on a girl She looks like Greta Garbo Drunk and in a lounge She said, “Am I thrilling you?” Touch the phone I’ll be on the other end with My Swedish accent Thrilling you Come on in I’ve hung myself Believe in me Even if it is only just for tonight


released September 20, 2018

Broken Hearts Are Blue
Derek Brosch
Daniel Buettner
Charles Wood
Ryan Gage

Additional Musicians:
Bryan Charles

All songs and lyrics written and performed by Broken Hearts Are Blue
Recorded and mixed in Kalamazoo by Todd Carter, May 1996
Remixed in Minneapolis by Knol Tate, May 2015

Cover: Ryan Gage
Design: Ryan Gage

Dedicated to MJ Buettner


all rights reserved



Broken Hearts Are Blue Detroit, Michigan

Broken Hearts Are Blue formed in the final days of 1995, its members having been part of various Michigan-based groups including Vine, Current and Ordination of Aaron. Recorded in the summer of 1996, their album The Truth about Love was released in March of 1997 on Caulfield Records. The album was re-mixed and released digitally in 2017 and on vinyl in 2018 by Repeater Records. ... more

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